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Belle Femme Hair Collection

3 Raw Bundles w/ 5x5 Closure

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Lengths: 14,16,18” w/ 14” 5x5 Closure

Texture: Natural Wave


Presenting our Raw Luxury Hair Collection, a paragon of purity and prestige, meticulously acquired from single donors in South India. Each strand stands as a testament to authenticity, untouched by any form of processing, preserving its innate softness, opulence, and inherent sheen.

Why Indulge in Our Raw Indian Luxury Hair?

Unadulterated Excellence: Our collection is the embodiment of unprocessed perfection, offering you the essence of luxury in its most unrefined form.

Diverse Textures: Revel in our exquisite variety, featuring Natural Wave and Natural Curly—each texture promising versatility and vitality for your hair aspirations.

Impressive Lengths: Aspire for grandeur with our generous lengths, extending up to 30 inches, catering to your desire for majestic, flowing hair.

Enduring Splendor: Invest in a legacy of elegance; our Raw Luxury Hair pledges to accompany you for years, a lasting symbol of your discerning taste.

Commitment to Care: While this collection demands a higher degree of maintenance, the reward is a hair experience unparalleled in quality and distinction.

Elevate your hair narrative with Belle Femme Hair Collection, where each strand is not just an extension, but an expression of your unique elegance. 

Please wait until you receive your hair before scheduling any hair appointments. 

Material: Raw Indian Human Hair

Price: 3 Raw Bundles with 5x5 closure

Lengths: 14-30”

Lace Type: HD

*Any Bundle deal with 24”+ closure are pre-order expect 5-7 days for processing time.